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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    Hello, from Dillydale! My name is Amazingcocoguy923 and I have joined several wikias. I am here with my first page to discuss my most favorite characters from The Mr. Men Show because it is amazingly funny and... good! Hope you enjoy!

    I like Mr. Quiet's personality because he is exactly like me. In the episode, 'Bath & Bubbles' he just wants to enjoy a nice, peaceful bath, and his bathroom looks beautiful! Except for his noisy neighbours...

    Oh, wow! This little daredevil really steps up her game! From riding a rocket-themed matress from the matress wizard, from building a rocket on the beach... From taking some friends of her's to a distant planet... She really is a daredevil!

    Oh, her body style is red and pointy, and I do enjoy a little frig…

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