Hello, from Dillydale! My name is Amazingcocoguy923 and I have joined several wikias. I am here with my first page to discuss my most favorite characters from The Mr. Men Show because it is amazingly funny and... good! Hope you enjoy!

Mr. Quiet

I like Mr. Quiet's personality because he is exactly like me. In the episode, 'Bath & Bubbles' he just wants to enjoy a nice, peaceful bath, and his bathroom looks beautiful! Except for his noisy neighbours...

Little Miss Daredevil

Oh, wow! This little daredevil really steps up her game! From riding a rocket-themed matress from the matress wizard, from building a rocket on the beach... From taking some friends of her's to a distant planet... She really is a daredevil!

Little Miss Scary

Oh, her body style is red and pointy, and I do enjoy a little frightening moments now and then... BAH!! In the episode, 'Sleep' her loud, scary snoring draws in Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Strong, Mr. Nervous and Mr. Quiet. Definitely scary! (MWA HAHAHA!) (sorry!)

Signing off until next time,