I have been suffering a lot of cyberbullying from a certain person who is a real spoiled bully who gets banned, only to escape it and cause me more trouble. This is what he has been doing to me

  • Made fun about how I looked and how my voice sounds
  • Threatened to get me banned just because of youtube comment settings and I refuse to let him get admin rights here. He only wants Admin rights just to remove mine, cyberbully me and other individuals and upload inapropiate crap about several people like me.
  • Attacks and harrasses me on wikis that I don't or rarely use
  • Impersonated me
  • Impersonated family members
  • Impersonated other people
  • Lied to me about being sorry
  • Blackmail
  • Uploading inapropiate information about me such as pictures of me
  • Called me horrible names
  • He even crossed the Moral Event Horizon by creating really horrible usernames dedicated to destroying me and vandalized every Mr Men and Little Miss Article with horrible and cruel things against me.

This is real life Cyberbullying! And I won't tolerate it any more! We in the Mr Men wiki do not tolerate any bullying of any kind and if me or TyrannoRanger catch you bullying or trolling another individual here, punishments will be handed out! I am tired of being a victim to cyberbullying and None of us admins here will not tolerate it anymore.

This rule is very important. Break it and you will be punished! Any bullies like the one I know who does these things above, I will tell you YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!

Ok, let this be a lesson to you all! If me or TyrannoRanger catch you bullying someone here, we will punish you!