You may have noticed that some of the classic designs of some of our Mr. Men characters have changed (excluding the Mr. Men show PLEASE!) Here are some descriptive changes in the way some of our Mr. Men characters used to look, and how they now look.

Mr. Greedy

  • Previously in the shape of a fattened oval.
  • Now in the shape of an eight.

Mr. Nosey

  • Previously in the shape of an oval with an enormous nose. Was a brownish medium-dark green when first published.
  • Now in the shape of an oval with with a slightly smaller nose. The bridge of the nose sticks inwards more, which results in a more defined nose. He is now a medium-dark green.

Mr. Silly

  • Previously cream with a red top hat.
  • Now light brown with an orange top hat (although his hat may still appear red in some pages of later prints).

Mr. Daydream

  • Previously medium-dark blue.
  • Now light blue.

Mr. Funny

  • Previously light green.
  • Now lime green.

Mr. Fussy

  • Previously wore red shoes.
  • Now wears orange shoes.

Mr. Dizzy

  • Previously dark brown.
  • Now light brown.

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