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  • I live in Illionis
  • I was born on June 5
  • I am Male
  • Damiedeter

    Hi guys! These ideas are my ideas for the 3rd season of The Mr. Men Show:

    New characters with new looks:

    Mr. Greedy-Similar looks except now with a rounder stomach and the same size as Mr. Nosey. Catchphrase: I'm hungry!

    Mr. Sneeze-Same except now a circle. Catchphrase: ACHOOOOO!

    Mr. Snow-Only difference is that now he has a top hat instead of a blue hat. Catchphrase: Let it snow!

    Mr. Topsy-turvy-Loses his cane and his hat is normal instead of being upside down. Catchphrase: (gets words mixed up)

    Mr. Silly-Now has eyes, his hat is bigger, and he has smaller brown shoes. Catchphrase: Look at me!

    Mr. Uppity-His color is now the same as Mr. Stubborn's, his black top hat is thinner, he loses his monocle, and he becomes friends with Mr. Fussy and Mr. …

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