David Olaru Mr Men

aka David Olaru

  • I live in Dagenham
  • I was born on March 5
  • My occupation is Designing proposal things
  • I am Boy
  • David Olaru Mr Men

    Hi, these ideas are my ideas for The Mrs. Women Show.

    Mrs. Freeman: She's the same, but her arms can shrink whenever she wants to. Catchphase: Somebody needs a tickle and That woman really needs a tickle.

    Miss White: She's the same. Catchphrase: Popopity poop!

    Miss Menzies: She's the same, but her legs are slimmer. Catchphrase: Wonderful!

    Mrs. Filtness: She has a unibrow and wears untidy brown shoes. Catchphrase: Shazam!, That's what I'm talking about! and Messy, not dressy!

    Mrs. Relf: She has gains glasses. Catchphrase: Sweet Henrietta (Sweet Apple Strudel in UK) and How revolting!

    Mrs. Barkway: She now has a flower ring and she's best friends with Mrs. Hill. Catchphrase: Just looking!

    Mrs. Hill: She has a ring. Catchphrase: Good tidings! and Gr…

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