Hi, these ideas are my ideas for The Mrs. Women Show.


Mrs. Freeman: She's the same, but her arms can shrink whenever she wants to. Catchphase: Somebody needs a tickle and That woman really needs a tickle.

Miss White: She's the same. Catchphrase: Popopity poop!

Miss Menzies: She's the same, but her legs are slimmer. Catchphrase: Wonderful!

Mrs. Filtness: She has a unibrow and wears untidy brown shoes. Catchphrase: Shazam!, That's what I'm talking about! and Messy, not dressy!

Mrs. Relf: She has gains glasses. Catchphrase: Sweet Henrietta (Sweet Apple Strudel in UK) and How revolting!

Mrs. Barkway: She now has a flower ring and she's best friends with Mrs. Hill. Catchphrase: Just looking!

Mrs. Hill: She has a ring. Catchphrase: Good tidings! and Great Mcgulicuddy!

Miss Carman: She's the same as the books. Catchphrase: Hello, Goodbye!

Mrs. Evens: She has no glasses. Catchphrase: Oh, pickles! and It's the good thing I came along!

Mrs. Dow: She has a necklace. Catchphrase: This is the end! and Oh, no, no, no, no, no!

Mrs. Campbell: She walks like a elephant. Catchphrase: I can't hear you!

Miss Smith: She kept her looks and her personality. Catchphrase:

Mrs. Lutterloch: A new Mrs. Women. Catchphrase: Where's my head? and Why didn't you say so?

Mrs. Jones: She kept her looks. Catchphrase: This is alot of work.

Mrs. Gee: She has glasses like Mrs. Evens. Catchphrase: Crooked cucumbers!

Mrs. Jarvis: A female counterpart of Mr. Jarvis. She has a rectangle necklace. Catchphrase: This/That/Your (Something)'s CHEAP!

Mrs. Barnard: She trades glasses with a pair of shoes. Catchphrase: I'll give you (something)! (followed by a loud fart)

Mr. Hunter-Whitehouse: He has a belt. Catchphrase: Whoops! and I'm a trained profesional.

Mr. Moore: A new Mr. Man. He has blue tie. Catchphrase: Let's boogie!

Mr. Jillings: He keeps his looks. Catchphrase:

Mr. Christiansen: He has new black shoes. Catchphrase: Just trying to be helpful.

Mr. Calderwood: He looks like as in the books. Catchphrase:

Mr. Parsons: A new Mr. Man. Catchphrase: What a calamity!

Mr. Michael: He looks like in the books. Catchphrase: Sometimes, I just can't help myself!

Mr. Lewis: He looks the same. Catchphrase:


  1. Physical/Boo-Boos
  2. Farm/Movies
  3. Science/Lake
  4. Books/Beach
  5. Boats/Mall
  6. Flying/Hobbies
  7. Dance/Inventions
  8. Fair/Camping
  9. Amusement Park/Trains
  10. Paint/Fish
  11. Adventure/Construction
  12. Snow/Canned Goods
  13. Jobs/Gardens
  14. Collecting/Chores
  15. Restaurants/Music
  16. Full Moon/Night
  17. Food/Bugs
  18. Cooking/Rainy Day
  19. Heatwave/Sleep
  20. Yard Work/Parade
  21. Games/Superstore
  22. Hotel/Birthday
  23. Car Wash/Wildlife
  24. Vilnius Day/Cars
  25. Sightseeing/The Dark
  26. Circus/Ships


  • This is Mrs. Freeman, Miss White, Mr. Hunter-Whitehouse, Mr. Moore, Miss Menzies, Mr. Jillings, Mrs. Relf, Mrs. Barkway, Mrs. Hill, Miss Carman, Mrs. Evens, Mrs. Dow, Mr. Christiansen, Mr. Calderwood, Mr. Parsons, Mrs. Campbell, Miss Smith, Mr. Lewis, Mrs. Lutterloch, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Gee and Mrs. Barnard's first appearence.
  • The Mrs. Women Show will replace The Mr. Men Show.

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