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    Blogging, what is "blogging" anyways?


    It seems to me, so simple yet complex. Where you start a theme, a topic, a thought… How do you choose? What captivates your audience? If I were to write about something preposterous would anyone read, follow, let alone post commentary? Perhaps finding the niche is all that is needed to open the minds of those seeking a little something different in the world of blogging.

    Blogging... Words, thoughts, feelings of this modern day in a release of what is cluttering your mind. An exercise of one’s imagination of mind. To invoke thinking without risk and freedom to express your very thoughts simplistically.

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  • Ms. Bunny

    Ms. Bunny...

    June 26, 2012 by Ms. Bunny

    Ms. Bunny...Said... is saying... is thinking... about... something...I have so many thoughts to share...Ideas that could truly shape ones thoughts and feelings.Most are very interesting and mostly random... but then again, I am Ms. Bunny... and I do say what I want to say even if it makes no sense to you... it may make sense to others... and perhaps bring a smile to light your day... with wit, knowledge, and a twist of naughty... that's what I say...Many of us go through life hopelessly hopping along...I CHOOSE TO JUMP!

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