• Natemamate

    mr insane

    February 12, 2014 by Natemamate

    mr insane is a main villain and a psychopath he is well just looks at counter parts

    joker from batman both are homocidal maniacs

    mr mean both are complete monsters

    mr grumpy both are ill mannered

    sideshow bob from the simpsons both are psychopaths

    eric cartmen both are kinda rude but cartman is not as evil as dr insano

    chuck the evil sandwich making guy from wordgirl both rule thier towns in alternate relatys

    mr happy both smile but mr happy isnt evil

    discord my little pony both are mischief makers

    smg3 smg4 both are evil greedy and complete monsters


    i ams evil



    genrealy i don,t care when you guys are around unless you get injured oh look mr bump just hurt himseif

    i am king insane now

    he is a complete oppisete to …

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