aka Toad

  • I live in USA
  • My occupation is ARTIST
  • I am a female
  • Toadrocks0409

    Hi PEEPS!!! THIS IS MY FIRST BLOG ON THIS WIKI :) Anyways, which character do you like best out of all of these characters?

    MR. MEN

    a) Mr.Happy

    b) Mr.Nervous

    c) Mr.Rude

    d) Mr.Fussy

    e) Mr.Noisy

    f) Mr.Grumpy

    g) Mr.Strong

    h) Mr.Scatterbrain

    i) Mr.Nosy

    j) Mr.Small

    k) Mr.Stubborn

    l) Mr.Quiet

    These are only the Mr.Men so far but tell me in the comments if I missed any. MY choice would be a tie between Mr.Quiet and Mr.Grumpy (it's just a opinion!)

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