Yard Work (known as Lawns in the UK) is a series 1 episode of The Mr. Men Show.


  • Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Rude's Plot: Miss Chatterbox bothers Mr. Rude saying that his Lawn needs raking due to the leaves and they have a contest. Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small arrive and help clean it all up. The machine then explodes and all the leaves land in Mr. Rude's Yard.
  • Miss Calamity and Mr. Quiet's Plot: Miss Calamity starts her mower with Mr. Tickles help which developes a mind of it's own and causes a calamity by chasing Mr. Quiet and smashing his lawn ornaments.
  • Mr. Happy and Mr. Stubborn's Plot (Only in the US version!): Mr. Happy is picking peach's at Mr. Stubborn's and tries to convince him that he has a gopher problem.
  • Miss Naughty and Mr. Nervous' Plot: Miss Naughty tells Mr. Nervous that his grass isn't growing well and ads formula to make it grow faster. The next morning his yard grows into a jungle with dangerous plants, snakes and quicksand and Mr. Nervous gets terrified when he goes out to get the newspaper. Miss Naughty then arrives thinking he is imagining again which he really isn't and Mr. Nervous got mad at her for that. Miss Naughty then took him safely inside. Then a Wild Boar chased Miss Naughty.


  • Like Boo Boos, All Plots feature 2 characters.
  • in Mr. Nervous's plot he can briefly be seen without his glasses.
  • The music whistled by Mr Happy is similar to Mr Funny's theme music.
  • Little Miss Chatterbox and Mr Rude are neighbours in this episode.
  • Scenes from Garden, Chores, and Farm are seen.
  • Mr. Happy and Mr. Stubborn’s plot was deleted because gophers are US-only animals.

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